As a computer owner the thought of losing files can be scary. Some times, even the best protection cannot prevent disaster from occurring. Disaster can strike in many forms: water pipes burst, theft, virus attacks, or even a simple coffee spill can lead to the end of your pc and files. Even a power surge, electric storm, or even a minor pump on the laptop may cause damage to the hard drive and internal devices. Of course it is always better to try and avoid such disasters, but humans are humans and mistakes can be made.

It has been preached many times that backup software for server will at least ensure that files are copied and are safely stored in a secure location. For the computer user, the owner can purchase an array of backup software tools to help ensure files are safe. Depending on the needs of the business or private user, there are many backup software applications to choose from. Backup software for Hyper-v, file backup tools, or VMware backup software are some of the more popular applications for users. Along with the backup software the user will need to purchase either external hard drives or a remote server as they will be used as the storage facility for the copied files. Users often store the sever in a safe and in some cases remote area to ensure that damage to that server does not result as the copied data would then be found on the new server.  


It must be remembered that just having a backup software does not guarantee that all will be fine with the data. It is up to the user to implement the back ups on a timely basis. If the user does not setup the software and use it then nothing will be safe. Another point to remember is that backup software is there only to copy and then restore the files when needed. It cannot however retrieve damaged or destroyed files from the machine directly. If for example, disaster struck while the user was working on a document, but the document was not backed up at the time, then there is nothing the backup software can do to retrieve it. For that scenario, there are specific data recovery softwares that are designed to scrape out the damaged files.

This type of software is often seen as the last hope for the computer user as they are the ones that try and salvage as much data as they can. Even if data is mistakenly deleted there are some ways to retrieve the deleted data from memory. If the user has lost data, it is still possible to retrieve some if not all the data. Having both software types of backup and data recovery can help ensure and protect the data as well as retrieve any data that was damaged or accidently deleted.